We're too lazy to cover E3, But GGTL's not!

So I'm sure we'll get around to posting some impressions from all the happenings at E3...eventually. Honestly though, I'm too busy playing old ass games that no one talks about anymore, Bud's sitting at home trying to get his Prince of Persia disc to work, and I guarantee you Travis is lost somewhere in the Fallout wasteland and has no idea what the eff is going on.

However, if you're interested in some up-to-date E3 goodness, I have some exciting news for you. Our friends over at Gamer's Guide to Life have created a site solely for their 2009 E3 coverage and will be updating throughout the show.

Here are some awesome things you can look forward to from GGTL before and during E3:

- Full coverage of all the major conferences, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo
- Live Blogging of all the major conferences
- Previews and news relating to E3 and E3 announcements
- Loads of other E3 related content
- Coverage starting a week before G4TV and GameSpot

NAOW that's what I'm talkin' bout. Check out ggtlate3.com starting May 25th through the end of the show.

Matt (MWG)


  1. lolz i like you explain how each and every one of you has their hands full: one's lost, one's looking for a fix, and ur "back tracking"; can't wait to hear about all the goodies from E3!

  2. Theres going to be so much announcments this year I think we would all have to quit our day jobs to cover it all, lol.

    Can't wait though. This year is going to be huge!