Wal-mart automated game trade-in kiosks.......FTW?????

Wal-mart is currently testing this system in the Northeastern part of the nation. Basically you scan the bar code on the game your willing to part with, the machine then gives you a quote, and upon accepting the quote you get credit on your credit or debit card.......in 2-3 days. E-play, the company that is partnering with Wal-mart for this awkward idea, has said that if successful they may offer Wal-mart store credit.

Eh...I was wondering when Wal-mart was gonna get there slimy tentacles into this area. The only action I think these are gonna get are wii games from desperate soccer moms who need the money.

On a lighter note, we will be recording episode 11 this thursday. If you guys have any questions or have something you would like us to talk about on the show just leave us a comment.

Bud (MWG)

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  1. Hm I like the idea, kinda (a machine replacing a human's job always makes me a little irked. Jobs, people! Jobs!) but 2-3 days? That's what'll kill it.