Midwest Gamer Podcast Episode 3 - "Checkin' Levels"

Hey you all,

Thanks a shload for listening. Episode #3 is up! We'll try a friday release from here on out and see how it goes. It may become too much of a time crunch, but we'll see. You may notice a bit of a sound problem in this episode, my mic cut out for a bit so I had to do some editing. It doesn't last more than 5 minutes though, so it's not a huge deal. Subscribe on Itunes or check out the podcast link on the sidebar for the download. Enjoy!

Show Notes

News - XBL Vibrator, Circuit City Needs Rez

Now Playing - Beyond Good & Evil, KOTOR, HL2:Episode 1 &2, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion,

Demo Impressions - FEAR2, RE5, Megaman 9, The Maw

Looking Forward To - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Matt (MWG)

Episode 3 and Forum News!

Hey everyone,

Episode three is fast approaching and we'd love to hear your input. Leave a comment or send us an email at midwestgamer@gmail.com. Here's a list of the games we'll be talking about during episode 3:

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Kotor 1 & 2
Half Life 2: Episodes 1 &2
Beyond Good & Evil
Assassin's Creed

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that the Official Midwest Gamer Forum is up and running. There is a link on the sidebar at the top. If the board is active enough, we'll probably be looking for some moderators. So keep that in mind and have fun!

Matt (MWG)

KOTOR 1 & 2

Ok, so recently I picked up both KOTOR 1 & 2 from my brother. I've played both a little, but remember liking 2 more. This could be due to the fact that I have never completed 1 because I watched a couple folks play through taris so I always find that part of the game mind-numbingly boring. I beat 2 but, I was told by a friend that 1 is better, so if anyone knows if it is worth it to power through the first part of the game then let me know. Anyway though I'm still amazed at how an original xbox game can sometimes play worse on the 360 than the original. This hasn't stopped me from playing the game though because it is pretty darn amazing. It would be crazy awesome though if the load times didnt take an average of two and a half min, and it wouldnt lag so bad that i have to load to an earlier save because it literally freezes up.
Also read on Kotaku that someone has come up with a recipe for Nuka-Cola. If anyone tries this or has tried it let me know how it tastes.

Bud (MWG)

Beyond Good and Evil/MWG Official Forum

Hey guys,

Hope you all are enjoying episode two! We had a great time making it, and your questions and comments made it extra fun.

As I mentioned on the show, I've been focusing on some PS2 games lately. Beyond Good and Evil being the first of these. I just finished BG&E two days ago, and I will attempt to save the majority of my excitement for our next episode, but this game was awesome. This was the first game I've played all the way through on the PS2, and I have to admit, I was concerned that choosing a lackluster game for that first PS2 experience would turn me off towards the console all together. It managed to do the exact opposite. This game was alot of fun, if you haven't played it, go out and buy a copy. I guarantee you it won't be more than ten dollars. If you have played it, and share my excitement for the series, check out this teaser for the sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Also, I'm in the process of getting a Midwest Gamer Official Forum up and running. This would make it easier to share content and discuss episodes, events, contests, and any off topic thing you can come up with. So I will keep you posted on forum happenings. Thanks again for listening!

Matt (MWG)

Midwest Gamer Podcast Episode 2 - "That's Alotta Juice!"

And our second show is here! Go here for the download or update your MWG Itunes subscription to listen to the show. Some editing was necessary this time around to due to audio difficulties, but hopefully my edit job was seamless and you won't notice a thing! *crosses fingers* Leave some feedback in the comments if you're feeling friendly. Enjoy!

p.s. - we changed up the way the "Looking Forward To" segment will work, so if you're confused by the show notes, it will all make sense after listening.

Show Notes

News - Parental Outrage, How to catch a Predator on XBL, and CES Wrap-up (kind of)

Now Playing - Castle Crashers, N+, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Beautiful Katamari, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Looking Forward To - Fable 2, Matt's PS2 Games

Community - 2008: year of the indie game, and weak attempts at naming our favorite games of all time.

Matt (MWG)

Episode Dos, it's a preview post!

Hey all.

We'll be recording Episode 2 this thursday. Here's a list of games we'll be talking about. If you guys have have been playing any of these games, have any observations, comments, issues you want to talk about, or just want to talk about something totally off subject, make sure leave a comment or send us an email. Preferably send emails/leave comments sometime before thursday night so we can be sure to include it on the show!

-Fallout 3 (final thoughts)
-Castle Crashers
-Gears of War 2
-Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
-Beautiful Katamari

Matt (MWG)

Join our MWG group on 360 voice!

I don't know if you guys are familiar with 360voice at all. It's this really innovative site where you can enter your gamertag and it will track your games played, marketplace activity, etc. and record it as if your 360 is blogging about itself. That may not make a whole lot of sense, but check out my page and if you start your own make sure to join the MWG 360voice group so we can all keep up with what everyone's been playing! Have a good weekend, everyone!

Matt (MWG)

Itunes Update

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the great feedback lately! I'm already looking forward to the next show. I was just notified by the friendly people at Apple that our Podcast was accepted and is now available on Itunes. Check out our page in the Itunes store here. or through Itunes link on the sidebar. Also we should be listed in search results within the next few days!

Matt (MWG)

Me and my new PS2

As a result of the 360 having no good rpg's, and me being out of the Sony loop since the 90's, I've been wanting to purchase a sony console for awhile now. I wasn't exactly keen to the idea of forking over a few hundred for the PS3. So I've been looking around for a cheap PS2. I struck gold today and found a PS2, sony controller and memory card for only $55.00. All are in surprisingly great condition.

Aside from being traumatized from the awkwardness of a Craigslist meet-up/purchase, I'm excited about playing some PS2 games. I have a few titles I definitely want to check out but if anyone has any suggestions of "must-plays" for the PS2, let me know in the comments!

Matt (MWG)

Midwest Gamer Episode 1 - "In T3h Beginning"

First show is up, guys! Click the Recent show link on the sidebar or go here for the download. I wouldn't suggest trying to listen to it on the page, Mypodcast.com is super slow lately. Also, if you have trouble downloading it off the page, try downloading the mp3 from the RSS feed. That may speed up your download time. If enough people have problems downloading, I may upload it to another location. Just let me know in the comments. We're working on getting listed in Itunes too, so I'll let you know when that happens. Enjoy the show, leave some feedback in the comments and let me know if you have any problems! Happy New Year!

Show Notes

News - Left 4 Dead backstory rumors

Now Playing - Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, Half Life 2, Braid, Dead Space, NHL 09

Looking Forward To - Resident Evil 5, LOTR:Conquest

Matt (MWG)