Scribblenauts - Quick! Grab two ladders, fourteen ironing boards, and a tiger. Then meet me at the icecream stand.

So I haven't really bought any new handheld games lately, even after inheriting my brothers dusty old original DS. I have a few games on my mental list, but just haven't really gotten around to buying anything as a direct result of my cheap-assedness and being pre-occupied with console stuff.

One of the games that I'm looking forward to playing is a puzzle/adventure game for the DS called Scribblenauts. Its being developed by 5th cell, the Drawn to Life guys, and kinda hinges upon a similar game mechanic. In Drawn to Life, which I've seen, but never played, you were able to draw objects, weapons and accessories with the DS stylus that your character could interact with. Cool idea, but from my understanding it was kind of limited. Scribblenauts draws from that basic idea, re-arranges it a bit and "takes it to the max", if you will.

The game throws out the idea of having to draw items, and has you type or write the name of whatever object you need. You can then use that item, or however many items you ask for, to solve a puzzle. They've built out a seemingly endless library of items that will be available and as a result of that, an endless number of ways to solve each puzzle.

This is instant gratification at its best, people. If you want a boomerang, you can have a boomerang. And then you can ask for something else that's not a boomerang, and then you can also have that.

The level creation/sharing aspect of the game sounds awesome as well and seems like it could definitely serve as a cure for my Little Big Planet itch. Scribblenauts comes out this fall and Joystiq has some pretty informative preview blurbs on it, check them out here.

Matt (MWG)

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