Bud Finally Finishes Prince Of Persia......

.....and is pissed as hell. Ok, first of all this post is gonna have a spoiler, as the ending is what made me pretty mad. I don't know about anyone else but what keeps me playing a game or even interests me in a game, is almost 80 percent of the time, the story line. I mean its what drives me to keep playing, that thought of, what happens next? How does it all end? This is the reason why I decided to marathon the game till the end. In this games case it makes the repetitive tasks worth it. Worth it till the end sequence, in which you have to run and undo everything that you just did for the past 10+ hours......all to "save" the female character in the end. Now I don't get mad easily over bad or crappy endings in games, but this literally made me want to throw the game in the trash. I also regretted even purchasing the game in the first place. The end honestly ruined any fun or memorable experiences I had with this game. I dunno, it just strikes me as stupid to say: "Hey we are gonna offer you this awesome experience of sealing away this ancient demon lord that was set free by a father trying to save his daughter, ok now that you sealed him away, set him free upon the world to save the same character that this whole mess started off with"

Ok I think im done ranting, does anyone else have any thoughts on this if so please share. As for me i will be trading it in for red faction: guerilla. Lets hope it fetches a decent amount so I can get something worthwhile out of this experience.

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