Episode 10, don't fail me now!

Greetings people of the Internets,

Episode 10 should be happening pretty soon here. Hopefully the outcome won't be as tragic as last time. I haven't discussed it with Bud yet, but I was thinking during episode 10 we'd discuss what game to play for our "Backtrack Episode" (title pending), where we go back and play an old game we missed or never finished, and then devote an entire episode to discussing that game. For the record, we're not trying to be original, we know every other podcast is doing this and it's something we'd like to do as well. So if you have any suggestions for games or names for the show, let us know!

As usual, we'll be talking about videogame news, what we've been playing and what we're looking forward to. Email any questions/comments you'd like us to talk about on the show to midwestgamer@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

Thanks for listening!

Matt (MWG)

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  1. If all works as planned. We'll be doing episode 10 live on jtv.

    Just sayin.

    Matt (MWG)