Excuses for Matt's possible future absence.

So I wanted to let everyone know about this before you hate me for not posting as much as usual. I fully intend on spending as much time as possible with MWG, but I've been given the opportunity to write for another really rad gaming blog. This new gig will most likely take priority being that it's something a little bigger than what we've got going here. But, no worries, compatriots, I will not abandon you in the heat of battle. My heart and soul is with MWG. Who knows, I'm known throughout the lands as a mad awesome multi-tasker, so perhaps nothing will change. But if it does, and I can't post my normal 2-3 a week-ish, don't hate my guts.

oh yeah, 100th post! woo!

Matt (MWG)

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  1. Good luck there and happy 100th post!

    Matt - GGTL