Matt's Top 5 games @ E3

So there's a ton of info about to drop next week at E3. But some games have me a little more excited than others. Here's a peek at which games I'm looking forward to hearing more about.

1. Mass Effect 2

It's predecessor was one of my favorite games of last year. Dare I say, of all time? Yes, sir, I dare. It's about time Bioware squelched all of the "Is Shephard dead?" rumors and I'm definitely looking forward to getting a closer look at all the HUD and gameplay changes I've been hearing about.

2. Lost Planet 2

Even though I wasn't terribly into the first game. The recent LP2 trailers and announcement of 4 player co-op have me interested. I'm always on the lookout for a decent co-op game, something the 360 doesn't see too often.

3. Borderlands

Ever since the Gameinformer reveal months ago, I've been interested in this game. Details, aside from the game's bi-polar art direction, have been pretty scarce. I know I'm going to be able to choose from 80 bajillion different weapons, but gimme something else to get excited about.

4. Alien vs Predator

I wouldn't have expected this to be on my list a few weeks ago. I watched a friend of mine play alot of AVP back in the day, but lacked a PC and never got the chance to get into it. Sounds like this one's going to be alot like the old one, and if so, I'm sold. There's opportunity for an amazing multiplayer experience here.

5. Alpha Protocol

This game seems like a really sweet idea, but I also get the feeling it's going to be hit or miss. Hopefully Obsidian will show off some more in depth gameplay vids explaining how this spy/RPG hullabaloo is going to work.

Games that didn't make the top 5, but I'm still mucho excited about.

Brutal Legend - I already know enough. Jack Black, Tim Schafer, Metal...I'm there.
Bayonetta - DMC on steroids with bewbs. So there.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - So many good memories of the first, gotta play the sequel.

What are you guys excited about?

Matt (MWG)


  1. i'm liking the mass effect 2, the alpha protocol, and the brutal legend as your honorable mention; can't wait

  2. Really Really pumped about Bioshock 2 and I am right there with you on Mass Effect 2. I have been watching Alpha Protocol since the large spread in Game Informer a while back, but I agree either it's gonna be awesome or leave much to be desired.

  3. of course how can i forget bioshock; hopefully some early footage of multiplayer?