Midwest Gamer Podcast Episode 12 - "The E3 Show"

Hey guys,

Episode 12 is up. Download here or on itunes. Enjoy!

Show Notes:


XBL Improvements
Crackdown 2
Shadow Complex
Halo ODST/Halo:Reach
Super Mario Brothers Wii
Golden Sun DS
Metroid: Other M

Now Playing

Bionic Commando: Rearmed
Twilight Princess

Looking Forward

Red Faction: Guerrilla


Justin.tv stuff

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  1. my high points for me of E3 was Assassin's Creed, Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Rising, updates to Xbox and last but not least a new Golden Sun game which i've been waiting for the longest time, 6 years since the last game to be exact; its a shame that i've forgotten some of the lore and terminology