The Death of Midwest Gamer Podcast


Check out our new project, system link.


Hey everyone,

I know this is kind of all of the sudden, but we've decided to quit doing the podcast. It's a shame to see this whole thing come to a close, but it was awesome while it lasted. Alot of different things factored in to our decision. One reason being the likelihood of me having to quit anyways come autumn when I start my senior thesis thing. It's also just kind of difficult to handle this beast we've created with only a few people.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who supported us or helped us out these past few months. It's been alot of fun, so thank you guys. We couldn't have done it at all without your encouragement and help.

Special thanks to:

All the GGTL guys: Matt, Linford, James.
Chase Koeneke
Shinfo Ryan
Micheal Schultz
Personal Gaming
The Greedy Gamer
All the cool peeps at JTV: Tof, Volkoor, Candyman, Pan1c, Fan111, Sneeeeak, Grim_dude, Reptilia, PewPew, Jakkdaniels

And of course Travis and Bud for all their work and radness.

I'm starting a new project that's a little scaled back compared to MWG and focuses on writing instead of podcasting/broadcasting. Check it out here, and let me know if you're interested in helping me out. I'd love to have some people to help me get it going and anyone's welcome.

Thanks again everyone for listening, I've met alot of really awesome people through MWG. Please stay in touch.

Matt (MWG)


  1. i believe it was jesus who said, in matthew chapter 56 verse 4, "all good things must come to an end, good thing we did a helluva job while we were at it eh?" i think those words of wisdom easily transcend from bible times into our current age as they parallel the journey of MGP. good show chaps, and much love to you.

  2. Best of luck in the future dudes.

  3. Thank you for the shout out, its a shame to see you guys go. In a way you started a little gaming blog community by bringing us all together through the Blogger Reader service. Are you going to continue the blog in any capacity? I found some good stuff here, and I think you guys have more of an audience for it than you realize. (Sorry to hear the podcast is dunzo.)

  4. Hey,
    what's up in the last time? First Playstation Empire/ Playstation Guys goes down and now Midwest Gamer Podcast. It's a big thing you started and I know even from my one man blog that it takes a lot of time IF you do it with heart. And that was the case here. It was a good time with you, I've read most of your blog posts and found them entertaining. I wish you the best for the future.
    Hans from

    PS: Matt, I already follow your new project, I'm interested to see what's coming even when I don't have the time to contribute by myself there and help.

  5. It was great while it lasted. Thanks for your support.

    My Itunes podcast subscription list just got a little less awesome :(

    Matt - GGTL

  6. We're all gonna be sad to see MWG go. Thanks for all the fantastic podcasts which you guys have brought to us over the last seven months - it's been great.


  7. man sorry to hear of the death of "Midwest Gamer"; i guess that means no more broadcasts then, well you noe what they: the end of one chapter is the beginning of another. i hope everyone from Midwest Gamer the best of luck to your future endeavors
    p.s. i'll be looking forward for that system link project
    -reptilia (jtv)

  8. Nooooo. Lame. I really enjoyed listening. ;_;

  9. I'm sorry to hear that. I really enjoyed listening to you guys. Listening to how the show progressed I can tell you guys gained a lot experience. I hope you will have the oppurtinity to use that experience again some time.